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Welcome to WFA-CPC

  • Represent Welsh fishermen in Welsh Government, Whitehall and Europe.
  • Collaborate with Welsh Government, Natural Resource Wales and others to gather the necessary evidence to maintain access to fishing grounds and ensure our fisheries are sustainable.
  • With Welsh Government, Seafish and training providers, encourage and support new entrants into the industry.
  • Promote the consumption of Welsh seafood as a healthy, sustainable and responsibly sourced product.

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    RT @WGEnviroAgri: Work in the fishing industry? 🎣 Although we've left the EU, rules and regulations regarding fishing and exports will not…
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    RT @Giveitago1: Well done @WG_fisheries for realising the English requirements unworkable and giving Welsh fishermen 24hrs to report on #Sc…
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    RT @FolkFilms: We heard this week that Ashley (second from left) was injured at sea recently, and we know Gary (right) was injured not long…
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    RT @The_MMO: Latest update on the roll-out of the electronic catch recording service:
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    RT @Fisheriesbangor: Are you a commercial fisher in Wales? The Bangor University Sustainable Fisheries Wales team are hosting a series of e…