Guidance from Seafish

The UK and EU announced a Trade and Cooperation Agreement on 24 December which sets out our future relationship with the EU from 1 January 2021.  

The EU is our closest trading partner - 75% of our seafood exports went to the EU last year - so agreeing a trade deal is important for the future of our seafood sector in the UK. Although it still means significant changes in the way we trade, fish and work.  

The agreement to have zero tariffs on goods traded between the UK and EU is welcome but we know that the deal on access to waters and future quotas is a disappointment to some. As further detail becomes available, we will continue to offer support and advice on what it means for the UK seafood sector.  

In the meantime, there are immediate changes that you need to be ready for.

 Act now to keep trading on 1 January

The details of the agreement highlight the need for seafood businesses to be prepared for changes on processes for customs, food safety and market access. Rules of origin requirements will also need to be met to access zero tariffs. 

The following changes will take effect once the Brexit transition period ends at 11pm on Thursday 31 December:  

Full details on what you need to do now to be ready for 1 January are available on our website. Most of the requirements detailed in the agreement were required in the event of a no deal situation and so any preparation planning you have done so far is valid.  

Access the Seafish online EU Exit Guide: