Further to the recently issued letters from WG Marine & Fisheries regarding the registration of fishing vessels as Food Business Operators please see the attached advisory note from Seafish for your information.

Many of you have contacted WFA-CPC regarding FBO registration over the last few days - for information - we have been in discussion with Welsh Gov and awaiting a reply from the FSA before we can confidently advise on next steps - FBO registration is a current regulation that for some reason under the single market has not been applied to date - in a no-deal situation FBO details would be required under the Export Health Certification process, without which consignments would not pass through Border Inspection Points - Given that Article 50 has been extended to the 31st January 2020 there will be no change to the current trading processes and checks after October 31st.

As the urgency of no deal has now diminished, we propose to use the intervening period to clarify how and to who the regulation will be applied in any future trading agreement - when we have the guidance confirmed we will ensure that we are ready to provide help or assistance as required.