Please see below details relating to the planned RV CEFAS Endeavour survey operations commencing 05/10/20.

Can you please ensure that you notify WFA or CEFAS directly regarding fishing gear located in the survey area?

The survey area can be found here: https://welshfishermansassociation.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/EZwur05GMoRNvrSCTkc8pvEBI_QGVF2tYRMepB2OtbsOdQ

Letter from CEFAS

Good morning Jim,

During w/c 05-Oct, RV Cefas Endeavour’s survey operations are anticipated to commence at sea as part of survey 16/20. As the vessel will be transiting from Lowestoft, it is expected that operations in Welsh waters will not be until the back half of the 37 day survey.

On this survey, the only fixed stations are the position of the transects and the plankton/CTD stations (as per the attached image). Coordinates for these fixed elements will be issued by the Kingfisher Bulletin. The vessel will undertake some mid-water trawls (along the transects), however the location of such trawls cannot be provided now as they will be targeted on site (through the use of the RV’s echosounder to detect fish schools).

I have been advised that the risk to any gear while we are steaming along transect and collecting the plankton/CTD stations will be very low (on the understanding that any gear will be suitably marked to assist with safe navigation), and whilst the risk is increased with the deployment of the trawl, it is expected that the risk of gear damage is still low.

RV Cefas Endeavour’s vessel managers (AW Ship Management) will be issuing the Kingfisher notice in due course, and will be the point of contact for any claims made, however I wanted to provide you with this information given the recent communications surrounding gear damage.

We would also encourage notification of fishing equipment (by your members) in the areas identified so that we can take this into account as part of survey delivery.

Kind regards

James Parker CMgr MCMI RMarSci MIMarEST

Head of Marine Operations and Logistics
Science Services Group Manager
Cefas, Pakefield Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0HT, UK
Tel: +44(0) 1502 524529 / +44(0) 7881 510686 | Email: james.parker@cefas.co.uk