Call for Industry Engagement in Welsh Crab and Lobster Fisheries Management Plan Pre-Consultation

Call for Industry Engagement in Welsh Crab and Lobster Fisheries  Management Plan Pre-Consultation 

What is happening with crab and lobster management in Wales? 

The Welsh crab and lobster fishery management plan (FMP) will be developed by the  Welsh Government and is due for publication in 2026.  

Before that happens, Seafish is undertaking a pre-consultation project. Species in scope of the project include brown crab, European lobster, velvet crab, spider crab,  crawfish and common prawn.  

What is pre-consultation? 

The purpose of the pre-consultation project is to gather views from stakeholders and fishers on current and future management of Welsh crab and lobster fisheries. We want to know what works and what doesn’t in current management approaches, and what aspirations stakeholders have for the future of these important fisheries. The pre-consultation work will inform the next steps in developing the FMP. 

The pre-consultation project will make sure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to be involved in the management process from the outset. 

What will Seafish be doing?  

In spring 2024, Seafish will host a series of in-person and online engagement events that will be taking place across Wales. At these events we’ll gather information on: 

The views gathered at the events will be collated into a final report which will be sent  to Welsh Government to help inform the next stages of FMP development. 

Why should you get involved? 

Stakeholder involvement is key to make sure that the FMP is reflective of the  priorities facing the Welsh fishing sector. We want to hear from all stakeholders with  an interest in Welsh crab and lobster fisheries; this includes commercial and  recreational fishers, seafood processors, wholesalers and retailers, NGOs, and scientists.  

For more information 

If you would like to help shape the future of crab and lobster fishery management in  Wales, or if you would like more information on Seafish’s work, then contact us  directly at or visit our website Fisheries Management  Plans in Wales.