Created by fishermen for the wider fishing communities in Wales, the Welsh Fishermen’s Association - Cymdeithas Pysgotwyr Cymru (WFA-CPC) is committed to ensuring a profitable and sustainable fishing industry that helps coastal communities to prosper and our unique marine environment to flourish.

Recognised as the national body representing the interests of the fishing industry in Wales, the WFA-CPC is managed by a board of directors from five regional associations whose members range from inshore static gear fishermen to offshore scallop, trawler and whelk fishermen. The associations are:

Jim Evans (WFA-CPC Chairman) acknowledges the support of the constituent associations “the fundamental pillars of the WFA-CPC are the member associations that ensure regional and sectoral differences are captured and supported within our representations and initiatives on behalf of Welsh fishermen. We recognise that there are many challenges ahead, but we remain optimistic that these challenges can be met by continuing to work pro-actively from the bottom-up. I am grateful to the WFA-CPC members for their vision, unity and forethought; these strengths have and will continue to underpin our efforts to future proof fisheries in Wales creating a sustainable legacy for future generations of Welsh fishermen and women”.

Our Vision

A prosperous and sustainable fishing industry that supports the economic, social and cultural well-being of our coastal communities.

Our Aim

To ensure sustainable fisheries that support well-being and future generations of Welsh coastal communities.

Our Objectives